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Year Picks Avg Odds
2016 1524 -115/1.87
2015 1331 -116/1.90
2014 433 +107/2.07
2013 320 +134/2.34
2012 791 +130/2.30
2011 1098 +120/2.20
2010 997 +115/2.15

Bankroll Growth Since 2008:


Advisory service

100% Verified Results

Winafy’s Tennis Advisory is 100% transparent. Beyond our historical records here, you can also view our verified results through 3rd parties. All-time: A majority of our plays (and a representative sample) have been tracked on TennisInsight, which only allows pre-match tips, since 2008. You can view our all-time results as tracked on TI here.

What is Winafy's winning edge?

Winafy’s team of quants, based in the US and Europe, analyze every match daily using a combination of predictive modeling, informational, subjective and situational analysis. We utilize our proprietary model to develop a pre-match line & predicted match outcome, as well as set by set dynamics. Our philosophy is driven by the winning combination of math and eyes-on player analysis, paired with almost a decade of experience turning our analysis into winning picks. Our approach is investment based, designed to produce long-term returns. Our service is best for serious bettors who share this approach. Regardless of your experience level, our goal is help improve your results through our proven approach and data. Our edge is best demonstrated by our long-term record of success.

Why Tennis?

Tennis is an individual sport, lending itself to statistical analysis (with less ‘noise’ than team sports) and isolation of variables that drive final results. You can also more easily asses how a individual player reacts to change – changes in time zone, surface, conditions. There is also superior access to information: Players are not restricted by teams in what they share with the media, via social outlets, practice and training sessions are available to public viewing. Tennis is also a year around sport with many matches most every day, making it harder for books and the public to assess value. This creates opportunity, as does in-game trading and the vast amount of historical data on how players tend to perform in specific in-play circumstances. Winafy is capitalizing on the opportunity to provide insightful tools and predictions in what we view as one of the most opportunistic marketplaces.

How good are your Predictions?

Since 2008, we’ve been able to consistently produce winning results and positive return. We’ve achieved this via our proprietary model (Comparative Excel Program aka: ‘CEP’), approach and as importantly, disciplined money management. Most professional bettors risk no more than 1% of their bankroll per wager, with some taking a more aggressive approach once a winning advantage is established. We recommend that subscribers take a long-term, investment based approach, following all of our recommendations and unit (1 to 100 star) allocations. We don’t have plays of the day, week or year. We make no guarantees, but strive to generate 7-10% ROI, significant profit over the long-term, outperforming alternative investments. Although there is always variance, we’ve had very few losing months since 2008. Our results speak for themselves and you should see a very positive return on your investment.

Lines & Grading

All plays are released and graded based on available lines from major offshore sportsbooks (ie Pinnacle, Bet365) at time of release. We are always on the hunt for the best lines available and we encourage our subscribers to the do the same.

What to expect

  • Average of 10-14 picks per week
  • Delivered directly to your Inbox at least 3hrs before first match
  • Suggested Bet Amounts

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Trading Sheets

Imagine knowing not only the % chance of a player winning a match, but also their likelihood of winning the 1st set, winning the 2nd set if they lost the 1st and so on? Unlike other products that provide a vast amount of raw, unanalyzed data for you to toil over, Winafy’s ultimate trading sheets provide clear actionable data around set and tie-break dynamics. What you get is a powerful trading tool that you can start benefiting from right away!

How do I profit from Trading Sheets?

Trading sheets are an amazing trading tool. You can use them to assess pre-match value and Total game outcomes, but even more powerfully, to gain an edge in live-play betting. Trading sheets provide data around which player is likely to win each set based on what happens earlier in the match. These predictions are based on a ton of player specific data, tendencies to win a set after losing the last and vice versa. Utilizing the same underlying data we use to make our own plays, Trading Sheets are a powerful tool for the active trader!

Can I see an example?

Like any data or trading product, Trading Sheets can look intimidating at first glance. But trust us, they are easy to read and utilize. Once you start using them, you’ll never look back. Our Sheets provide a wide array of data to cover a variety of in play scenarios for a given match. Here’s an example and some explanation on the how to read the numbers:

table data table1
Min Value for bet
Core = Rating
Running = recent form
RM = Model strength
table data table2
Min Value for bet
Core = 1st set Rating
Running = w/ recent form
RM = Model strength

What you get

  • Daily Trading Sheets for all ATP/WTA Matches
  • 24/7 web access to sheets. Updated daily!
  • Profitable predictive stats, set and tie-break dynamics!

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